We suggest a catchy name for our serie of videos, to call the attention of everyone. In many places in LATAM there is a big taboo on the subject, which does not allow a breakthrough in the discussions about it. For this reason, we suggest the name "Cancer in Latin America - We need to talk about this". A title that conveys the importance of debating and advancing on the topic.

We will develop a serie of 5 to 6 investigative reportage videos, with 3 minutes each, based on the latent and urgent need to address and share the precarious situation in which Latin American countries currently live in relation to cancer. Our videos will have a storytelling narrative language, conveying credibility and arousing interest on the theme. 

We will divide the serie: "
Cancer in Latin America - We need to talk about this" in four different dimensions of comprehensiveness:

1) Awareness of the problems regarding the prevention and treatment of cancer in Latin America
2) Late diagnosis
3) Precarious health infrastructure
4) Scarce funding

From the perspective of underdeveloped countries, we see as a disease present in the whole world, it gains a gigantic proportion due to the inequality in the access to the prevention and treatment of cancer, mainly due to the fragmentation of the health systems, the restricted access to the basic resources and the investment in public health financing.

People suffer and die daily for lack of initiative that provides wide access to the knowledge of cancer prevention, diagnosis, financing, treatments and more advanced medicines to the population.


Investigative Reportage Videos - By topics

Video 1: Presentation of health problems in LATAM
Video 2: Low levels of disease awareness
Video 3: Late diagnosis
Video 4: Precarious health infrastructure and resources
Video 5: Insufficient and inefficient financing
Video 6: Closing Video / Shared Responsibility

It is not cancer that kills. It is mainly the lack of access, in a timely manner, to the resources of prevention and treatment of the disease.



We will have 6 to 10 experts in Latin America who will speak properly about the themes.

Together with the company we will develop key questions for each interviewee to talk about all the issues we need. We know that Roche will indicate the experts, but here are some suggestions:

- Public hospital director

- Public hospital doctor

- Researcher specialized in cancer in LATAM

- People who discovered cancer late

- People with cancer without access to treatment

- Relatives

- Director of Cancer NGO's

- Doctor who serves public and private hospitals

- Secretary of Health

- Medical specialist in breast cancer

- Secretary of health

- Rural cancer patient

- Medical Oncologist

- Director of medical university

- Minister of Health

Composition Images / Stock Shots

All the videos will have composition images that will be produced in different places with different people, for example:


- Hospitals

- Clinics

- Doctors in attendance

- Patients

- NGOs etc

(These places will be selected together with the company)

Voice Over

The necessary information that was not mentioned by our interviewees will be transmitted by a speaker.

The text and necessary information will be built together with the company.


Information, numeric data and maps will be inserted, whenever necessary, with infographics or letterings.


All videos will be edited with soundtrack.

Post production / Edition

We will follow an informative, didactic, enveloping and dynamic edition line.


We will have 3 versions of each video, with subtitles in (Portuguese, English and Spanish).



- 6 investigative reportage videos (3 to 5 minutes each)

- 6 dynamic teasers, one of each video, for social network (up to 1 minute each)

The edited and finalized videos will be delivered via web in Full HD (1920 x 1080p)


Step 1 - Project alignment meetings

Step 2 - Selection of specialists and shooting locations

Step 3 - Script development

Step 4 - Schedule and filming plan + selection of local teams

Step 5 - Shooting

Step 6 - Post Production / Editing

Step 7 - Product Delivery / Customer Review

Step 8 - Delivery of the revised product

Step 9 - Final Approval / Delivery of the captioned versions in: (Portuguese, Spanish and English)